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Home ownership is much more than a financial investment. Your home says a lot about you and your family; it reflects your character and gives you a sense of belonging. A home is also where you spend a substantial chunk of your life making memories. People nowadays choose to stay in villas that are fully furnished with modern amenities.

Villas in gated communities have become a private paradise for many people. Life is unpredictable; you never know what will happen. As a result, owning investments is crucial to your future security. Villas are an excellent investment option since they provide a higher return on investment. In Lahore, gated communities are becoming increasingly popular. All of the leading builders and developers are now offering gated communities with excellent amenities. Al Noor Orchard Housing Scheme, the only LDA-approved premium housing society in West Lahore from Al Jalil Developers, is located at 3 km from Faizpur Interchange via M2 Motorway. This luxurious gated community offers everything you’d love to have in your future home.

West Marina Cottages & Villas

West Marina Cottages & Villas is another successful initiative of Al-Noor Orchard, one of the country’s most famous real estate projects, and is designed as a finely planned suburban gated community. Mazhar Munir, one of the country’s best architects, designed the West Marina Cottages & Villas.

The West Marina Cottages & Villas project in Lahore is being heralded as a game-changer in the city’s real estate sector. In one of the city’s most quiet and well-connected suburbs, it provides ready-to-move-in villa-style homes at incredible pricing

So, if you’re considering buying West Marina Cottages & Villas, you’ve made the right choice. The project will provide residents with a five-star living experience while also providing investors with significant returns.

West Marina Cottages & Villas is a fully-equipped gated community with all of the modern suburban conveniences. Because to the project’s top-of-the-line facilities and services, renters will have a first-class living experience.

At West Marina Cottages & Villas, you’ll find everything you need in an ideal neighborhood, including a secure gated community with CCTV cameras, extensive public parks and leisure areas, a nice, clean, and well-maintained environment, proper drainage, and well-equipped health and exercise facilities.

Things get much more exciting when it comes to investing opportunities in West Marina Classic & Modern Villas. Classic Villas come up with three options which include option 1 of total covered area of 1999 SQ. FT, option 2 with total covered area of 2028 SQ. FT and option 3 of total covered area of 1990 SQ. FT. Similarly Modern Villas include three options as well. Option 1 covers total area of 1981 SQ. FT, option 2 includes total covered area of 2008 SQ. FT and option 3 total covered area is 1972 SQ. FT. Booking of these villas starts from Rs. 1,350,000 only.

West Marina Cottages & Villas is one of Lahore newest housing developments. Construction activities at the project site are in full swing. They are appealing as a place to live as well as an investment opportunity. There are numerous advantages to investing in West Marina Cottages & Villas. To begin with, it is the city’s only project where you can get well-built villas in great living arrangements at moderate costs, with incredibly appealing payment options. It’s also fantastic because it provides a high rate of return on investment. Aside from selling it for top resale value, there are other ways to profit from a villa, such as renting it out. Secondly, as AlNoor Orchard is a project of Al-Jalil developers, local real estate experts predict the gated community will see a considerable increase in real estate appreciation, ensuring great returns to investors within the following two years.

The A Team, which is also its marketing and sales partner, has thoroughly analyzed West Marina Cottages & Villas, only LDA-approved premium housing society. As a result, you can rest easy knowing that your money is secure.


If you’ve decided to invest in West Marina Cottages & Villas, all you have to do is fill out the form on our website with your contact information ( Our representative will contact you as soon as possible to address all your concerns.

You can further reach us at +92 341 333 3301 or send us an email at for more detailed property tours and project overviews.

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