Top Real Estate Disputes and How to Resolve Them?

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Most people are first-time buyers and don’t know about gray areas of the Real Estate Market. So, what does happen? They have to face several kinds of disputes after purchasing the property. Besides, they also do not know how to resolve these issues.

Most property issues arise due to negligence while buying a property. If you remain careful and vigilant during the whole purchase process, you can avoid troubles. Yet, if you still face disputes, there are ways to settle them properly.

In this post, you’ll know matters that can disrupt your ownership and produce serious complications. So, read on, it will give you the best knowledge for you.

Let’s begin!

  1. Title of the Property

When you purchase a property, you have to change the title to your name. But what does happen? You become busy in different matters, such as renovation, building affairs, and construction matters. In the meantime, the title remains under the name of the previous owner. It depicts that you are not the owner.

Or, it happens that you buy a property that is not in the name of the seller. Then, you have to face problems transferring tiles to your name.

How to resolve it?

Hire lawyers and professionals to find out the title of the property. When you make the transaction, always start the process of transfer of title immediately. When you registered the property in your name, then you should proceed to the next steps of construction or renovation.

  1. Inheritance and Will

When you buy a plot in the name of a deceased person, you have to tackle claims from inheritors. It’s common practice in Pakistan that people try to sell a property without the consent of all inheritors. So, what does happen? You face difficulty in the transfer of ownership and possession. 

How to resolve it?

Try to find out all inheritors of the property and make sure that every stakeholder is present during the transaction. Plus, you have to create proof of payment to all inheritors through legal papers. If you do not do so, you have to face litigation in the future.

  1. Damages Property & Noisy Neighbors

It is very common that people find damages after the purchase of the property. As a result, they cannot do any legal proceedings. So, it is your responsibility to check the property from every angle then proceed with the transaction. Plus, you can also find toxic neighbors when you get the possession.

How to resolve it?

Put the seller into a legal binding that there is no fault or hidden damage in the property. This way, you can take the seller to court if you find anything negative in the property after the possession. Plus, talk to people in the neighborhood about the attitude of neighbors. If you find anything wrong, leave the property. It will save you from trouble in the future.

  1. Property Ownership Dispute

When you buy a property from joint ownership, then you may face these issues. The other partner may not be willing to give you some shared space or anything similar. Plus, you cannot resolve it through court.

How to resolve it?

While buying a shared property, you must clarify everything from all partners. Whether they will allow you the freedom and facilities or not. It would be best if you put everything in writing. This way, you can take matters to the court.

  1. Tenancy Issues

Tenancy issues happen when you buy a rented property. The tenants put you in difficulties, and sometimes, they litigate for rent renewal, maintenance, and rent expiration.

How to resolve it?

When you buy a rented property, you should sit with tenants and settle down matters in the presence of the previous owner. This way, you’ll have no problems in the future. Otherwise, tenants will take you for granted and produce difficulties for you.

Final Words

Now, you know common property disputes and how to resolve them. So, apply our practical methods while purchasing a property and keep away from troubles. 

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