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The A Team

Exclusive Real Estate Agent of Al Jalil Developers

The A Team is a Lahore-Based exclusive real estate agent of Al Jalil Developers that helps small-budget property investors grow their wealth, build their dream home, and secure their loved ones’ future.

The A Team entered the Pakistani Real Estate Market around 1.5 years ago when experienced professionals from diverse businesses teamed up to make property investment simple, transparent, and reliable.

The A Team scaled to the main dealer level in just two months and became the second-highest seller of Al-Noor Orchard Housing Scheme Lahore with the biggest contribution from Block D. It won a Grandy at the 2021 Dealers Summit and Dealership for Al Aziz Residencia. The company achieved the milestone of launching Pakistan’s first Property Trading Hub in DHA in February 2021.

The decade-long companionship of its members, expertise in real estate, construction, sales, and marketing, and its vision to revolutionize the Pakistani real estate industry for trust and transparency and to elevate the living standards of Pakistanis is what makes the team, The A Team.

The A Team’s partnership with Lahore Rung and AV Pakistan is a reflection of our willingness to help people and strives to build a sense of community around us.


Became main level dealer of Al Jalil Developers

Won Grandy in Dealers Summit

Successfully launched signature event “Realtor Growth Con” to help realtors achieve 10X growth.

Highest seller in Al-Noor Orchard Housing Scheme Lahore

Won Al Aziz Residencia Dealership

Launched The A Team Trading Hub

Real Estate

Our experienced team of investment consultants help you enhance your decision making perspective by providing authentic information so that you make the right investment decision.

Real Estate

The A Team is experienced in managing multi-million real estate properties for its national and international clients.

Real Estate

The A Team has planned strategic partnerships and collaborations to bring its investors with exclusive opportunities.


Message From Chairman

Exclusive Real Estate Agent of Al Jalil Developers

Excellence, a quality that sets the best ones apart from everyone else, is what we seek in our business and our talented team that strives for your trust, goes the extra mile to provide you the safest, securest, and most profitable investment opportunities across the country. Our mission is to help you grow your wealth, build your dream home and secure your loved ones' future. Our vision is to make the Pakistani real estate industry transparent and trustworthy.

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